Modular prefab structures customized to suit your needs

4Nature offers technical expertise based on geographical location of the sites and customers’ needs.
We have ready solutions for Individual Homes, Summer Cottages, Farm Houses, Shore Houses and even Floating Houses.

Complete Solutions for Institutions with our products being Modular, Innovative, and Sustainable

It can be an Individual planning to build a home;

Or Institutions like Mining companies, Hospitals, Schools, Offices scouting around for structures to manage their requirements;
Or when Hotels and Tourism Companies, Investors and Real Estate Developers need real-time solutions;

4Nature is the answer to all of the above. 4N’s modular structure is an Easy, Fast, Safe and Economical option.
And 4 Nature’s turnaround time for installation is almost magical!

4Nature‘s Solutions for Individuals seeking to build homes

4Nature offers housing solutions for Regular Homes, Summer Cottages, Shore Houses and Floating Houses.

Here’s an analogy as to why we recommend Modular over conventional construction methods:

Virtually all of the best products in the world, from computers and appliances to automobiles and planes, are manufactured in factories. That is why both consumers and industry professionals in Japan and Scandinavia consider the modular method of home building superior to site-built construction.


Factory production methods help to design and build more efficiently and with greater quality control. When done well, the efficiency results in lower costs and the quality control results in a better product.

Modular homes also help assembly time considerably, this is particularly appreciated when construction sites are located on difficult terrain with no scope for operating heavy machinery or for trucks or cranes to transport material.

Inhuman temperatures can also cause delays in building homes the traditional way, not to mention of the quality compromise that is bound to happen.
With 4Nature, you don’t have to worry about any of this. We can help you build almost anywhere you fancy.

Here are some of our floor plans. Our floor plans are indicative and can be changed according to your need. Our design team and architects will be happy to customize the structures according to your requirements.

Download Floor Plan - 4N standard 1200 plans
Disclaimer: The houses in the images are furnished and finished by the buyer at their own cost. 4Nature’s package includes, exterior and interior walls, roof material, all doors with locks, all windows with double glass and heavy insulation, the inside ceiling, all insulation material and provision for electrical conduits. The Standard Package does not include floor foundation, plumbing, electricity, painting and any other finishing. 4Nature can offer homes and projects on turnkey basis only on request but not as a standard offering.

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