4Nature’s prefab modular designed buildings are sustainable now and for years to come

4Nature designs and builds custom, modular homes, which emphasize
style, sustainability, and safety


4Nature building or home is

  • Earthquake resistant - tested for absorbing tremors up to 8.9 Richter scale
  • Storm resistant - up to 160 km / Hr
  • Fire resistant
  • Insect resistant - making it highly suitable for farm houses and wet areas
  • Energy efficient - Solar paneling compliant with 4N Element guarantee for 15 years (conditional)
  • Raw materials for the structure are natural and eco-friendly. The wood is certified and procured from responsible forests.


4Nature cares for the quality of air you breathe!

The advanced physical properties of 4N MgO board ensure protection from fire, mould and rot making it totally safe. 4Nature MgO boards are non toxic and do not contain are Silica and Asbestos. The boards are free of organic solvents, oils or even heavy metal salts. Whatever be the temperature conditions outside, the quality of air within indoor spaces remains unaffected and is pure.


More about the 4N MgO Building-Board

  • 4N MgO board is a new kind of board which is manufactured from a combination of magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride as its main material. It uses alkali- resistant fibre glass mesh as strengthening and takes light modified mixture as its filler.
  • It has extraordinary fireproof and moisture resistant abilities, with more advantages like innoxiousness and flavorlessness, incorruptibleness and is insect resistance. It’s light in weight, but yet strong.
  • 4N MgO board is fire resistant, water resistant, high-impact construction panel that is well-suited for both interior and exterior sheathing applications.


Some advantages in using the 4N MgO board are:

  • Eliminates the cost to protect sheathing from water, rot, or fire through multiple applications of sub-assemblies
  • Reduces inventory of multiple materials allowing faster installation and completion times
  • Reduces framing costs when compared to non-structural gypsum based materials
  • Direct application of exterior and interior finishes reduces final finishing costs
  • Allows faster completion times in bad weather, and is not affected by rain, cold or snow


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